Construction Services

Expert Guidance Throughout the Construction Process

Rudolf Construction Partners is your one stop for all your construction needs. We can assist you in your projects from concept to close out. We take a hands-on approach and put ourselves in the shoes of our clients. Regardless of size and scope, all of our projects receive our full commitment. Self-performing most trades, we are able to control costs and timelines. Rely on RCP to lead you through any phase of the construction process.

At RCP, we know that success starts with project leadership and clear lines of communication. Upon commencement of a project, a team is assigned to work continuously in tandem throughout the entire project. Using state of the art project management software, paying meticulous attention to details, daily reporting and working collaboratively, RCP can ensure projects stay on track, costs are controlled and that clients are served beyond expectation.

General Contracting, Design-Build, Project Management

General Contracting

Every stage, from preconstruction, construction, to close out, we take a comprehensive approach to your project. With a proven track record of completing projects on time and within budget, we hone in on any unforeseen challenges, pay attention to the details and map out a plan of action to see your project through to successful completion.

Design Build

CP is positioned to communicate with the aligned strategic partners on your behalf. As your single point of contact, we can minimize unexpected costs, shorten the project schedule and ultimately streamline the entire construction process.

Project Management

At RCP, we take a hands-on approach to project management. We effectively and efficiently manage the overall administrative and technical functions to ensure the project is constructed in accordance with the design, budget and schedule.


Value Engineering, Budgeting & Scheduling, Strategic Consultant Relationships

Value Engineering

At RCP, we are consistently identifying opportunities to provide value engineering. We take ownership of every project and view every part of the project through the lens of our clients. Our team works hard to evaluate ways to reduce costs and ultimately provide the best value.

Budgeting & Scheduling

At RCP, we are sensitive to our client’s budget and timeline. Our team is trained in sophisticated software necessary to keep your project on track and see it through to a successful completion. Additionally, we have a proven capacity to handle multiple projects that are diverse in size and scope.

Strategic Consultant Relationships

Relationships cultivated and nurtured over the years by the RCP team allow us to confidently take on a variety of projects. Architects, engineers, municipalities, subcontractors, real estate brokers, and other key partners have an integral part of making your job a success. We value our strategic relationships and will continue to grow them for years to come.